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Reiki Master Teacher Workshop in June

Friday, June 25 - 6:00 PM

Announcing REIKI MASTER USUI CERTIFICATION 2-DAY PROGRAM  Fri. (evening), June 25th and Sat. (all day), June 26th
    Becoming a Reiki Master is a serious step and a very sacred step of your spiritual and healing journey. Today I see so many people throw the term around, wearing it like an ego-based hat, as though it's meant to impress as opposed to serve. It's often not given the respect and sacredness intended of someone who brings peace and a deep sense of healing to others. In the traditional method, the Masters Level of Reiki in the Mikao Usui lineage was only offered to those candidate who demonstrated professionalism, proficiency and commitment to the highest standards of the practice of Traditional Reiki.  You can definitely get what I call the "drive-through" Reiki certification somewhere on-line for $47, or you can pay the $2,000+ offered in the 10-day course at some centers out West. 
    What we offer at White Barn Healing Arts Center is a sacred, personal and experiential approach for the Reiki Level II Practitioner who feels they are ready to step into energy and life path of a dedicated Reiki Master with the knowledge and skills to teach if desired.  Five of the core elements that determine a student's readiness includes: skills, experience, commitment, personal development, and release of ego. 
    This workshop, which I personally host, also includes learning other energy modalities that you can incorporate into your Reiki practice as well. Upon completion, the student will receive their certification to teach as well as receive Reiki Master Certification. 

    The workshop includes: all class materials, the opportunity to work on/with others, experiences in increasing and expanding your intuition, the opportunity to practice on rescued animals, receiving the Reiki Master symbols, a very beautiful and spiritual attunement, the opportunity to learn the art of including other cultural healing modalities into your Reiki practice, and also understanding the practical and business side of creating a career in healing work.  I teach teachers how to teach effectively, with experiential and interactive teaching; provide outlines for what needs to be learned at each level of Reiki; teach how to give attunements; teach becoming the Sensei; do in-depth work on understanding the chakras and the importance of body story-telling; introduce the concept of un-diagnosed illnesses and the potential underlying causes; how to write a guided imagery meditation for your client, and so much more. 
A light lunch is also included on Saturday.  I also make myself available for additional mentoring and coaching after the workshop to help you adjust as you grow into your new path. I like to cultivate a relationship with my students that gives them the support and nurturing needed as they journey further into the world of energy healing work. The Reiki Master Level goes deeper into the spiritual realm, really emphasizing the application of Reiki in every aspect of life, stressing living as a role model that embrace the 5 Reiki Principles or ethical standards. It is here we really work on self improvement on all levels and learn to be the elder, the one who shares your knowledge and gifts with others.  
    If you are someone who is a Reiki Master with certification from elsewhere and would like to re-take your Reiki Master Certification with us, please contact me for fees. 
    Workshop is limited to 6 people.
    Fee:  $525  (This is the group Reiki Master Workshop rate which is discounted from the Reiki Master Private Workshop fee. A sliding fee scale is offered for those wanting to attend but in need of financial assistance.)   When you register, an email will be sent to you with some basic questions that will help both you and I understand your readiness to continue your journey to being a Reiki Master/Teacher. 
    Register at:  https://whitebarnhealingarts.org/registrations/ola/services/reiki-master-teacher-certification


5180 Hayes Road
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White Barn Healing Arts Center

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Friday, June 25, 2021
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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