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Recovery Support - Walking the Red Road

Saturday, May 8 - 6:30 PM

To Walk the Red Road is a concept based in the indigenous and Native American cultures, and it is the determined act of living within the Creator’s instructions. Basically, it is living a life of truth/honesty, humbleness, respect, friendship, love, and spirituality. Those on this road are by no means walking a perfect path, but are in search of self-discovery, instructions and an awakening to life’s purpose.  The idea behind Walking the Red Road requires an honest attempt toward right action in all aspects of one’s life. Walking the Red Road is a substantial personal commitment and responsibility. It is living a balanced life between self, family, community, and Creator/Great Spirit. No person can judge you on the Red Road, where you are located, how you are doing, how fast you are traveling, or if you belong on this Path. Other’s can walk the road with you, but no-one can walk the road for you. You are in total control of your route. The best way forward is joining other walkers and following the same road that has been paved by past generations. The more like-minded people we travel with, the wider our road will become. Walking the Red Road can be very difficult and does requires much effort. But always remember, without effort, there is no reward. What the real challenge may be is being on the Red Road and not doing the necessary things that result in forward movement. This monthly recovery-support program is designed to help each individual navigate their own Red Road, to walk it with knowledge and wisdom, and to provide the tools necessary to make wise decisions on the journey that sustains personal and spiritual growth. 


The dictionary definition of “recovery” is: the action or process of regaining possession or control of something that is stolen or lost; and/or a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.

(We would probably replace the word “normal” with “healthy”, since everyone’s “normal” is a bit different.)

You may be on the road of recovery if you are:
• a trauma or abuse survivor
• overcoming an addiction, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, etc.
• trying to heal from grief or loss
• releasing a toxic relationship
• in the process of healing from chronic illness or major physical health issues
• trying to become healthier mentally, emotionally and spiritually due to overwhelming life’s challenges, difficulties and obstacles

A note about grief and loss: 
In addition to the loss of a loved one through death, loss can mean many things, including loss of job, income, sense of safety, independence, physical health, friendships, or home due to moving.
Loss can be devastating, and the need for recovery from loss can feel monumental.

This 1½ hour monthly workshop will be taught once a month on Zoom, and complimented with monthly seasonal ceremonies held at White Barn’s facilities May through October.
This program is the collaborative creation of
instructors Mary Rosenfeld and Annette Bragg. 
Mary Rosenfeld has extensive experience working with 12 step recovery and has been the guest speaker not only for national recovery meetings but has spoken for international meetings as well.  Mary’s experience in social work, addiction support, and recovery programs combined with Annette’s experience in motivational speaking, energy and healing work, and ceremony, blend together in a unique and effective program designed to provide balance and growth for all areas of life for those Walking the Red Road of Recovery.

The goals of Walking the Red Road Workshops are to:
Enhance a sense of cultivating self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, self-value
Strengthen each individual's spiritual connection while respecting individual belief systems
Expand an awareness of energy work, understanding energy, tapping into healing energies, understanding your own energy and its effects on the people and environment around you
Create a greater sense of connectedness with nature, with Creator, with all living beings, with all that surrounds us, with the world in which we live, and our role in the Universe
Instill new perspectives on how to change our perception from negative thought patterns to positive thoughts
Introduce new ways of thinking, new concepts, alternate views on life and living, on transitions, challenges, obstacles, and why we face them
Help us understand the journey to becoming an Elder and what that means in each person’s life; and what it means to be an elder and/or a wounded healer
Support each person’s thirst for knowledge, for answers, for understanding who they are, for discovering their true path and purpose of this life
Teach self-healing through natural and holistic methods, such as acupressure, reflexology, energy work, Reiki, meditation, guided imagery, mudras, aromatherapy, and multi-cultural teachings and experiences
Discover practical applications to deal with daily stress, fear, worry, frustration, anger management, jealousy, bitterness, unforgiveness, feeling overwhelmed, grief, loss, and sadness

Class topics may also include the subjects and themes covered in the Ancora Imparo Monthly Series, which include:
Building emotional capacity; Habit-changing strategies; Guilt-less self-care; Nurturing our desire to grow, to learn, to expand; Compassion Fatigue; Inspiring Your Mind and Feeding Your Spirit; Discovering Your Creativity; Strengthening Your Intuition; The Mindful Soul; Protecting the Empath; A more expansive level of self-understanding; Manifesting goals, dreams, desires; Why Personal Growth is important for Spiritual Growth; and The 7 Stages of Spiritual Development (Chopra)

Seasonal RECOVERY ceremonies

May through October monthly multi-cultural ceremonies will be held at White Barn facilities. These ceremonies are open to the general public, but they are designed to compliment the teachings of each monthly ‘Walking the Red Road’ Zoom workshop. Anyone walking the road of recovery is welcome to register to attend the monthly ceremonies. 

Be sure to check out the ceremony schedule on our website. Pre-registration is required.


Pre-Registration Required. $15 per class
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White Barn Healing Arts Center

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Saturday, May 8, 2021
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