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Community Prayer and Reiki Group

Saturday, May 27 - 7:00 PM

Sat., May 27th 7pm to 8:30pm
(by the outdoor fire weather permitting)

Pre-registration is required to help us plan accordingly. register at the link with this post. 


Regardless of the details of your personal belief system, praying to Great Spirit, Creator, God, the Universe, or whatever name you use for your Higher Power, most people reach out in prayer. Some folks do this daily, some do it weekly, and some pray only when they feel backed into the proverbial corner. Sometimes we pray only when we need something, and other times we remember to say thank you for the many gifts and blessings already in our lives.

Often we pray to ask for help, for favors, for things to turn around, and for things to get better. We may pray for strength to get through a crisis; for fortitude to deal with  our children; for patience to deal with co-workers; for the ability to forgive when dealing with our spouse or partner; for the stamina to overcome an addiction; or for the faith to get through a dark time.

Our thoughts are very powerful and play a huge role in the events that unfold on our journey. When our prayers combine with the prayers of others, and then blend beautifully with the healing energy of Reiki and other holistic energy healing practices, miracle can and really do happen.

We warmly invite you to join us for our new weekly Community Prayer and Reiki Group to help you find your spiritual family. With reciprocity, you will find support and inspiration for the challenges you face on your journey, and you can also provide encouragement and healing in turn for others.

The group gathering is held outdoors in the peaceful environment of White Barn Healing Arts Center.
WHAT IS THE gROUP LIKE?During the Community Prayer and Reiki Group everyone in attendance can pray or provide healing energy in the manner you are most comfortable. We provide the opportunity to pray in both traditional and non-traditional practices. Each group is different, and we try to introduce a new cultural experience in methods of prayer. 

WHO RECEIVES THE PRAYERS AND REIKI ENERGY?DISTANT:First we remember those who are unable to attend - folks who may have sent in prayer requests for themselves or for others. Some people may be unable to attend because of their illness, injury or sickness. Others may lives a great distance away, in other cities or states. Together our group prays and sends Reiki and healing energy for the intentions of those who cannot be present

IN ATTENDANCE:   We also pray for the needs of those who join us in the group. Each individual is welcome to share their story personally, or you may simply say you have a personal prayer request and leave it at that if you would prefer not to share the intention. Together as a group we then pray for each person individually, and those in attendance who are Reiki practitioners or energy healing workers, then may place hands on, near or held in the direction of the person receiving the prayers. We make sure each person gets acknowledged and prayed for.


5180 Hayes Road
Ravenna, OH 44266
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White Barn Healing Arts Center

Date / Time

Saturday, May 27, 2023
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


(330) 281-1387
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